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What is Daisy Wheel?

Daisy Wheel from Fillon Technologies, is a fully automatic dosing system, that has been especially designed for waterborne refinish paint systems. It can hold all mixing toners of a modern system, so that any selected OEM color can be mixed automatically by simply „pressing a button“.

Daisy Wheel



The Daisy Wheel doses more accurately than a manual operation and thus improves one of the most important criteria in car refinish business: The color match! Daisy Wheel generates Micro-drops which weigh between. 0,02g-0,03g and the specially designed scale measures the results with a precision of 0,01 g. With this combination Fillon Technologies guarantees you a precision of +/- 0,05g for any color mix. Mixing Errors become a thing of the past and the color reproducability is improved – even when small color volumes are mixed. This is ideal for Spot-Repiar, sprayout cards etc.


While the Daisy Wheel is mixing the colour, your operatives can be getting on with other tasks such as paint preparation or application. Daisy Wheel reduces the labor time for color mixing by up to 90% and increases the efficiency in your bodyshop significantly!


The extremely precise dosing of Daisy Wheel means it is possible to accurately mix smaller volumes than by manual mixing. A Daisy Wheel can comfortably mix only 50mL for any OEM color. This reduces paint wastage and saves material and paint costs.


Daisy Wheel is very compact and can fit into even the smallest of mixing rooms. Painters also find that because they no longer have to pour out each tinter manually they no longer suffer repetitive stress pains. The automated process also means there is much less chance of paint coming in contact with the skin, making the Daisy Wheel the ideal tool to look after the health and welfare of your employees.


The patented Daisy Wheel containers prevent your paint material from contacting with air during storage. This improves the quality of the product and prevents the formation of „Dry Bits“ that are commonly found on conventional pouring spouts. This leads to cleaner jobs and less polishing, improving your shops efficiency. The Daisy Wheel also cleans every valve directly after dosing ensuring that the valves are always clean and functional. But the biggest difference is the overall cleanliness of the mixing room. The Daisy Wheel mixes your colors in a closed space and means paint splashes and spills are a thing of the past. The scales, tables and floors of the mixing room can then be kept spotlessly clean, providing a professional work environment that you and your workforce can be proud of.

Durable / Reliable

Thousands of hours of testing prior to launch followed by more than 3 years on the market with more than 100 customers in Europe means that Daisy Wheel has proved itself to be an extremely reliable tool.

Further information

PPG YouTube
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Video: Daisy Wheel Launch on Expo in Netherlands | March 2016

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